MLBB World Championship
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M5 World Championship

In December 2023, the fifth MLBB World Championship in Manila, the Philippines, concluded as MLBB's most-watched esports event of all time with 5.07 million PCV. This cemented MLBB's place among the world's most popular esports titles.

Champion Team: AP.Bren
PCV: 5,067,107
M4 World Championship

In January 2023, the 4th MLBB World Championship concluded in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event has achieved an unprecedented viewership record with 79.68 million hours of total viewing time and PCV of 4.26 million. This marks a new PCV record for MLBB esports events and places it among the top three global esports tournaments.

Champion Team:ECHO
M3 World Championship

In December 2021, the third MLBB World Championship was successfully held in Singapore, attracting 16 teams from all over the world to participate in the event, which was broadcast in more than 10 languages. 

PCV: 3,191,404
M2 World Championship

In January 2021, the second MLBB World Championship was successfully held in Singapore. The total viewing time reached 42 million hours, and the PCV reached 3.08 million.

Champion Team : BREN ESPORTS
M1 World Championship

In November 2019, the first MLBB World Championship (M1) was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 16 teams from 14 countries around the world participated. 

Champion Team : EVOS LEGENDS
MLBB Mid Season Cup
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MLBB Mid Season Cup

The MSC is an annual international tournament organized by MOONTON Games. Launched in 2017 as the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup, the MSC was rebranded in 2023 in line with MOONTON Games' "Esports for Everyone" vision to promote diversity and inclusivity for more global athletes to have the opportunity to compete in one of the most-watched esports tournaments worldwide.

MLBB Professional League
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MPL Indonesia

Founded in 2017, MPL Indonesia is the largest national esports league in Southeast Asia. The league is the highest level of MLBB competition in Indonesia. In its 12th season, MPL Indonesia broke two world records, becoming the first local tournament and first mobile tournament to successfully surpass 100 million watch hours in a season. 

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MPL Philippines

Established in 2018, MPL Philippines is the biggest and most prestigious professional MLBB esports league in the nation; it ranks among the most-watched MLBB esports events globally each year. Teams from MPL Philippines have claimed four world championship titles – Bren Esports (M2), Blacklist International (M3), ECHO (M4), and AP.Bren (M5). 

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MPL Singapore

MPL Singapore is the nation's only professional esports league. Season 6 saw Team Flash claim the title for the first time after defeating three-time champion RSG Singapore in the Grand Finals. The summit clash was the most-watched event in MPL Singapore history, with 67,000 peak viewers, 487,000 hours watched, and 4,600 average viewers.

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MPL Malaysia

Established in 2017, MPL Malaysia is the nation's pioneering esports league. The award-winning league is Malaysia's longest running, according to the Malaysia Book of Records. The Season 13 Grand Finals was the all-time most-watched esports event in Malaysia, where 631,186 concurrent viewers saw Selangor Red Giants win the league for the first time.

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MPL LATAM is the top MLBB professional league in Latin America and was launched in 2024 as a merger of MPL Bazil, MLSL North, and MLSL South. It is the first MPL hosted outside of Southeast Asia; MPL Brazil was launched in 2021. 


Launched in 2022, MPL MENA is the premier professional esports league for MLBB in the region. Season 5 was the series' most successful with 32,428 peak concurrent viewers, 483,229 hours watched, and 4,545 average viewers.

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MPL Cambodia

Established in 2021, MPL Cambodia is the official national league for MLBB in Cambodia. The recent 6th season set a record for the highest peak concurrent viewers for a local professional league in Cambodia, with 132,810 viewers tuning in simultaneously for the Grand Final. 

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Third-Party Tournaments
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MLBB Esports for Everyone is a project launched by MOONTON to make all the MLBB players realize their esports dream. We welcome all public institutions and commercial entities to organize their own MLBB tournament. 

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MLBB World Women's Invitational Competition

The first MLBB World Women's Invitational (MWI) was successfully held in January 2022. Nine women's teams from Southeast Asia were invited to participate in the competition. The event had 392,000 peak concurrent viewers, making it one of the most watched women's esports events in history.

MPL Invitational

MPLI is a international MLBB tournament hosted by MOONTON Games and ONE Esports. It first started in 2020 and it is an invitational featuring professional teams from across the world, including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, MENA, North America, Philippines, and Singapore.

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