MLBB World Championship
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M4 World Championship

On January 15th, 2023, the 4th MLBB World Championship concluded in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event has achieved an unprecedented viewership record with 79.68 million hours of total viewing time and PCU of 4.26 million. This marks a new PCU record for MLBB esports events and places it among the top three global esports tournaments.

Champion Team:ECHO
M3 World Championship

In December 2021, the third MLBB World Championship was successfully held in Singapore, attracting 16 teams from all over the world to participate in the event, which was broadcast in more than 10 languages. 

PCU : 3,191,404
M2 World Championship

In January 2021, the second MLBB World Championship was successfully held in Singapore. The total viewing time reached 42 million hours, and the PCU reached 3.08 million.

Champion Team : BREN ESPORTS
PCU :3,083,245
M1 World Championship

In November 2019, the first MLBB World Championship (M1) was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 16 teams from 14 countries around the world participated. 

Champion Team : EVOS LEGENDS
PCU :648,069
MLBB Regional Championship
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MLBB Southeast Asia Cup

MSC is an Southeast Asian tournament organized for MLBB by MOONTON. Teams from various countries in Southeast Asia will qualify for the finals through the Knockout Stage. Currently, the event has been successfully held for 5 years, with a peak PCU exceeding 2.8 million.


LIGA LATAM is the largest MLBB event in Latin America. In June 2022, the second Liga Latam was held in Lima Conference Center, Peru, with eight teams from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico participating.

MLBB Professional League
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MPL Indonesia
Founded in 2017, MPL Indonesia is the largest national esports league in Southeast Asia. Since its inception, it has achieved rapid development through innovative alliance construction.  At present, MPL Indonesia has successfully held 10 seasons.
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MPL Philippines

MPL Philippines was established in 2018 and became a permanent seat league in the eighth season . After 10-season's development, it has become a benchmark professional league in the Philippines' esports industry.

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MPL Singapore

MPL SG is a Professional League in Singapore. Building on last year's successful debut of the first-ever standalone professional league in Singapore, MPL is back for a third season in Singapore and bigger than ever before with $100,000 up for grabs.

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MPL Malaysia

MPL Malaysia began in 2017, is the first official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament in Malaysia. Ten teams, two of which secured their slot in the qualifiers, will fight in the Land of Dawn to win the lion's share of the US$100,000 prize pool.

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MPL Brazil

MPL Brazil, founded in 2021, is the first MPL event held by MOONTON outside Southeast Asia. The event in cooperation with TikTok LIVE, has gathered eight of Brazil's best MLBB teams, and has been successfully held three times.

MPL Cambodia

MPL Cambodia was established in August 2021 and has successfully held three sessions. In 2022 MPL Cambodia Autumn Competition, the total prize pool of the competition is 40000 dollars, which is also the largest prize pool in the history of Cambodian esports. 

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Third Party Tournaments
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MLBB Esports for Everyone is a project launched by MOONTON to make all the MLBB players realize their esports dream. We welcome all public institutions and commercial entities to organize their own MLBB tournament. 

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MLBB World Women's Invitational Competition

In January 2022, the first MLBB World Women's Invitational Competition was successfully held. Nine women's teams from Southeast Asia were invited to participate in the competition. The PCU reached 392,000, making it one of the most watched women's esports events in history.

MPL Invitational

One Esports MPL Invitational is a international Mobile Legends tournament hosted by MOONTON and One Esports. It first started in 2020 and it is an invitation tournament involving professional teams from MPL Indonesia, MPL Philippines, MPL Malaysia, MPL Singapore and MPL Cambodia.

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