Sparkle bright with the new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALLSTAR skins, featuring Melissa, Estes and Fredrinn!

SINGAPORE, 21 March – Turn up the beats with the all-new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang JPOP group! Sparkle has officially taken the ALLSTAR stage this season to conquer the hearts of locals in Euphora City! Glitter brightly with the band, with Estes on the Keyboard, Fredrinn as the Drummer, and Melissa as the main Vocalist and Guitarist. With the help of Esmeralda as the Astral Muse, can the unlikely band pull off their first-ever livestream performance?

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALLSTAR is an annual musical fiesta that brings players worldwide together to celebrate and team up to complete event tasks for exclusive in-game rewards, including skins or avatar borders that can be purchased at a special rate during the event season, which lasts until the end of April. 

Follow the rhythm of Sparkle! 

This is the rhythm of a new ALLSTAR era! Sparkle is set to perform four of their songs live at the Temple of Euphora, featuring the following beats:

  • Opening Set: MY STAGE 


  • Set 3: SYNC UP NOW 

  • Final Set: NIGHT OF RHYTHM

Dance to their beat and don't miss their performance on 30 March, which will also allow you to win in-game rewards worth up to 899 diamonds from catching the livestream. Players who have preregistered in advance at https://sg-play.mobilelegends.com/events/ALLSTAR2024/ will also receive their very own concert ticket and guaranteed access per the following below:


Take a sneak peek into Sparkle's upcoming rave, and receive an exclusive ticket when you share the event page! 

Raise the volume for ALLSTAR Events!

MLBB ALLSTAR Events.pngComplete daily tasks or objectives to acquire ALLSTAR Exclusive Skins, Battle Bonuses, Star Memories, and more! Redeem limited-time rewards on the ALLSTAR shop, available from now until 30 April. The ALLSTAR Estes Skin is available for purchase today, followed by ALLSTAR Skin Fredrinn on 28 March. Be quick—both come at a 30% discount at launch, which will only be available for a limited time.

From 31 March to 30 April, complete Active Tasks by logging in, recharging, or partnering up with your squad and playing various modes to receive tokens that can be exchanged for time-limited 515 or previous ALLSTAR event skins! Players can also redeem not one, but two Special skins upon selection. The following skins that can be redeemed are:

  • Gatotkaca - Arhat King 

  • Natalia - Deadly Mamba 

  • Esmeralda - Poison Vine 

  • Martis - Deathrock 

  • Terizla - Hammer Giant 

  • Alpha - Crimson Warrior 

  • Harith - Fashion Expert 

  • Thamuz - Abyssal Reaper 

  • Zilong - Storm Rider