420 students from rural schools in Indonesia to benefit from MOONTON Cares, Hope Cup, and Garudaku Academy collaboration

JAKARTA, 30 March – MOONTON Cares, together with Hope Cup, are collaborating with Garudaku Academy – the official esports academy recognized by the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PB ESI) – to advance Indonesian Esports and improve the welfare of students in rural schools in East Java and West Java through Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). This synergy is also carried out to continue to develop the country's esports potential through a program to increase the competency of talents from the world of education.

This commitment will be realized in an esports extracurricular program for 420 students in 14 middle and high school-equivalent schools spread across rural areas in West Java and East Java. Through the esports extracurricular program designed in collaboration with the Garudaku Academy, MOONTON Cares, and Hope Cup, students can learn about the values of sportsmanship, skills, teamwork, discipline, mentality and character, and leadership through MLBB. 

This program also provides internet connectivity support to schools that are extracurricular program partners. With the support of this connectivity, esports extracurricular programs in 14 schools can be implemented in an accelerated manner. 

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The schools in West Java and East Java that are partners for this program are MTSN 4 Malang, SMK Scholar Bangsa Malang, SMAN 1 Bululawang, SMAN 1 Gondanglegi, SMAN 1 Tumpang, SMAN 1 Turen and Vocational School Diponegoro Tumpang. Meanwhile in West Java, the schools that are partners for this program are SMPN 1 Cimahi, SMAN 1 Cimahi, SMA Pasundan 3 Cimahi, SMK Pasundan 3 Cimahi, SMK Pusdikhubad Cimahi, SMKN 2 Cimahi, and SMK Entrepreneurship Cimahi.

This form of collaboration will be implemented in MPL Indonesia Season 13, from Week 4 (29 - 31 March) to Week 6 (26 - 28 April). MOONTON Cares and Hope Cup will donate a certain amount of cash by calculating the total gold obtained by all teams in each MPL ID match multiplied by 30. For example, if the total Gold obtained by all teams from Week 4 to Week 6 is 10 million, MOONTON Cares and Hope Cup will donate IDR 300 million. 

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The collaboration, with the mission of developing smart esports talents from the world of education, has the support of PB ESI. "To become an international athlete who is able to make Indonesia proud, it is not enough to only have technical skills, but you also have to have a high mentality and enthusiasm to defend the country. It is hoped that this extracurricular program can become a Candradimuka Crater that will give birth to Indonesian esports heroes in the future," said the Secretary General of PB ESI. 

"We are grateful to be able to partner with MOONTON Cares and Hope Cup for this program because we have seen firsthand how MLBB Esports can have a positive impact on the lives of students. Students in rural areas have less exposure to esports but have the same passion as students from big cities," said Head of Academy esports Garudaku, Robertus Aditya. 

Meanwhile, Director of Aura Esports and organizer of the Hope Cup, Daniel Santoso, said that it is hoped that this collaboration can bring greater good to the Indonesian people through MLBB Esports. "Many of our players are role models for the younger generation and it is our responsibility to exemplify values such as sportsmanship, respect, and charity. We will continue the Hope Cup, so look forward to the next Hope Cup coming in the coming seasons," said Daniel Santoso. 

The Head of the Garudaku Academy, Robertus Aditya, expressed his optimism on the implementation of the program: "We are optimistic that the collaboration with MOONTON Cares and Hope Cup which also reaches schools in rural areas can have a positive impact on students. So, the development of esports will not only be enjoyed in big cities but can also be enjoyed in remote corners of the country.” 

Robert added that the Garudaku Academy extracurricular program aims to build and improve valuable skills and knowledge using esports media. Modules such as sportsmanship, physical and mental development, event management, tournament organization, and content creation are skills and knowledge that have educational value for students.