Malaysia proudly displays their support for Team HAQ and TODAK on the KL tower!

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 January – In a display of solidarity today at the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the monument lit up with an exclusive M4 World Championship projection featuring words of encouragement for Team HAQ and TODAK, as Malaysians once again rallied behind their representatives as they rolled on for the M4 World Championship in Jakarta.

Team HAQ TODAK M4 World Championship Kuala Lumpur Tower.png

It was not just MLBB fans cheering on the Malaysian teams but famous internet and sports personalities such as Safee Sali, Dominic Tan, intanserah and xkpenjahat, who also left inspirational messages for the esports athletes. 

“We are very moved by the support that Malaysians have shown us, it brings us great joy and pride to carry the Malaysia flag on the international stage, especially in front of such a huge audience. We hope we have made our fellow citizens proud so far and will do everything we can to bring the trophy home!” said Lan Todak, Owner of TODAK. 

“We did not have the best of starts at M4, but we bounced back and managed to make it to the Upper Brackets. Part of what kept us going was knowing that many people back home were supporting and cheering for us. We will continue using their support as added motivation moving into the knockout stages!” said Aiman Haq, Owner of Team HAQ. 

“Malaysia is firmly behind both Team HAQ and TODAK, we are incredibly proud that both teams made it into the Upper Brackets. Even though the matches ahead will be even tougher, we want them to feel the moral support of every Malaysian at home watching. Displaying our messages on the KL tower is our way of letting our cheers be heard as though we are right there in Jakarta!” stated Fikri Rizal Mahruddin, Marketing, and Business Development Lead, MPL Malaysia.