From Indonesia to the world! Bigetron Era's Vivian makes a historic appearance on The Sphere, Las Vegas, alongside FlapTzy

LA Sphere MLBB Esports World Cup Mid Season Cup.png

JAKARTA, 28 April – In commemoration of Kartini Day, which honors R.A Kartini and her contribution towards women's rights in Indonesia, Vivi "Vivian" Indrawaty, hailing from Bigetron ERA, was the very first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang women's athlete to be showcased at The Sphere in Las Vegas, alongside with star player David "FlapTzy" Canon from AP.Bren. The multimedia extravaganza officially launched on the respective MPL Indonesia and the Esports World Cup's social media platforms and channels last 21 April, in celebration of the annual global tournament.

"I was surprised to be on the LA Sphere and become a representative of MLBB Women. Initially, I was just a public person who liked to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but from my struggle I finally achieved many achievements and now my face is even appear at the Los Angeles Sphere. My message to women out there who are still struggling to pursue their dreams, never pay attention to negative words from people when you are down and keep fighting," says Vivian.

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A national inspiration 

Competing professionally since 2020, Vivi has performed outstandingly at officially-sanctioned Mobile Legends: Bang Bang events. She represented Indonesia at the 32nd SEA Games, clinching the gold medal back home, and continuously set the bar higher and higher for local women athletes at the Women's Star League and Unipin Series. 

Earlier this year, Vivi led Bigetron ERA to win the Women's Star League Season 8, earning them not only a ticket to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational (MWI) 2024, but also a direct invite to the upcoming season of MDL Indonesia, which is the prestigious 2nd-tier professional league right below MPL ID. This unprecedented move in Indonesia's MLBB esports ecosystem will see women's teams competing on the same stage against men for the very first time. 

With her track record, Vivi was chosen to be the face of this year's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational, which is set to happen in the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Vivi is the first women's esports athlete to be showcased at The Sphere in Las Vegas, an iconic LED megastructure covering over 45,000 square meters that has played host to many world-class acts.

A new global standard 

The Esports World Cup will showcase Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports athletes at The Sphere on 21 April. From a hobby to a multi-million dollar opportunity, esports has now become more mainstream with the capability to pack large scale arenas. The global tournament will serve as a centralised platform that brings the best esports titles together to set a new global standard for professional and competitive athletes. This includes the Mid Season Cup and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational, with a combined prize pool of USD 3,000,000 and USD 500,000, respectively. 

Both Vivi and FlapTzy are set to set a new global standard at both tournaments, which will change the course of mobile esports.