Get set for the highly anticipated Project NEXT battlefield changes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

SINGAPORE, 8 June – Get your squad ready for the next evolution of mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gameplay with the revamp of the equipment system and more in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)! Casual players and hardcore esports fans are in for an exciting time of change, with new features such as the evolution of the equipment system, gameplay rework, and Project NEXT activities set to take place this month.

Project NEXT is a major in-game campaign that takes place each June to share details about the upcoming gameplay optimization and balancing the meta based on player feedback. This is done to create a greater impact for casual and hardcore players alike and offer immersive and dynamic gameplay that is unlike any other. 

Experience the NEXT evolution of MOBA gameplay on 19 June! 

MLBB Project NEXT.png

New and NEXT changes to uplift beginners 

Players will soon experience an upgrade to the current equipment system, which makes for a more fluid and dynamic playstyle. For instance, a new adaptive attribute will bring more diversity to heroes that may be following certain equipment optimisations – being free of these restrictions creates more fluid and flexible gameplay. This principle follows the emblem revamp that took place last year. 

All hero roles will be further optimised, and specialised equipment will be available for the next MLBB hero. There will also be merged effects and adjustments made to purchase equipment, making it more streamlined for newbies who've just embarked on their MLBB adventure. 

High-intensity play for hardcore players 

The new system will still pose a challenge for ranked players, with adjustments being made to each lane that produces new match patterns. For ranked players, take heed that some heroes will benefit more due to the changes made to laning, which may result in more flexible maneuvers – for instance, check out the upcoming teaser to the battle equipment:

  • Thunder Belt: Every few seconds, the next Basic Attack will deal additional true damage based on Hybrid Defense to the target and surrounding units. Hitting enemy heroes will permanently increase Hybrid Defense. 

More will be unveiled soon! 

A mysterious beauty appears! 

Get ready for the mysterious and beautiful maiden who has the ability to grant the wishes of anyone. Catch the new peerless and gorgeous hero in MLBB, whose ability to control teamfights is bound to leave anyone feeling enchanted!