MOONTON Cares, Hope Cup, Garudaku Academy contribute RP 330 million to 420 students in East and West Java with esports support program

JAKARTA, 4 May – MOONTON Cares and Hope Cup, together with Garudaku, have officially turned over Rp 330 million (~USD 20,500) for the benefit of 420 students from 14 schools in West Java and Central Java. MOONTON Cares recently launched an esports support program that aims to bring esports and gaming-related extra-curricular activities and enhance internet connectivity in 14 rural schools for a year.

The total amount of gold earned by the teams from Week 4 to Week 6 was 6,349,756. However, according to the donation’s mechanics, the total gold will be multiplied by 30 to make the total donation Rp 190,492,680. MOONTON Games gave an additional Rp 19 million, resulting in a total donation worth Rp 330 million that was handed over today at MPL Indonesia. 

"We recognize the potential and effort of these young kids to be able to take up space in the esports industry. Seeing the initial total amount, we decided to add further so that more programs and activities could be added to help hone their skills. We hope for the success of the younger generation in joining the industry in the future," said Azwin Nugraha, MOONTON Games Indonesia Public Relations Manager for Esports.

Hope Cup MLBB MPL Indonesia MOONTON Cares Garudaku.jpg

From left to right: Head of Esports Akademi Garudaku Robertus Aditya; Ferry Kono, Tim Ahli Menpora & Dewan Pengawas Lembaga Pengelola Dana dan Usaha Keolahragaan; Azwin Nugraha Public Relations Manager Esports MOONTON Indonesia; Debora Imanuella, Ketua Bidang Hubungan Masyarakat dan Komunikasi Pengurus Besar Esports Indonesia; Daniel Santoso, Director Aura Esports and Hope Cup Organizer

During the event, Ferry Kono Tim of Menpora Experts & Board of Trustees of Sports and Business Management Institutions (LPDUK) said that esports is one of the most vulnerable sports in need of technological improvement, especially when it comes to the internet infrastructure. He thanked the program of MOONTON Cares and Hope Cup together with Garudaku, as it could help the government to participate in reaching rural areas in Indonesia. 

"We know that esports is vulnerable to technology, and there are still many areas in Indonesia that do not have good internet coverage. This could also be input for the government so that the Ministry of Communication and Information also considers rural areas that may have talented esports athletes. At the very least, their internet access should be covered. We hope that these activities serve as an example of concern for esports, particularly for PBESI because Garudaku Academy  is under PBESI," said Ferry. 

Debora Imanuella, Head of Public Relations and Communication of PB Esports Indonesia, is also pleased to see the role of education in the development of young esports talents in Indonesia today. Moreover, the role of education is considered very important by him, so that the careers of our nation's generation are still brilliant. 

"I am delighted to be part of this extraordinary collaboration aimed at supporting education through an innovative platform, namely Hope Cup. I always share with my friends that esports should not be separated from the role of education. Because esports is not just a waste of time, all the esports talents from young generation can have brilliant careers supported by education," said Debora. 

Meanwhile, Robertus Aditya, Head of Esports Garudaku Academy said that esports has a potential in the future as an industry by combining business and entertainment "We hope that Esports can serve as a means to expand networking, facilitate the development and nurturing of athletic achievements, and all of this should be balanced with academic achievements. In line with the vision of Moonton Cares to 'Nurture the Legend' implemented at the high school level to balance students' soft skills and talents in the esports industry and their future. In esports, we believe that in game skill is not enough," said Robertus. 

"We see that the esports scene in Indonesia is extraordinary, especially with the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community and also MPL Indonesia. From here, together with MOONTON cares, we are trying to initiate something that can provide more to the community and esports ecosystem in Indonesia. Therefore, the initiative program between Moonton Cares, Akademi Garudaku, and Hope Cup emerged," said Daniel Santoso, Director of Aura Esports and Hope Cup Organizer. 

MOONTON Games thanks MLBB Esports fans who helped watch the Regular Season MPL ID Season 13 Week 4 up to Week 6, and provided support to their favorite teams.